it's me jay samson

I'm a Web Designer with an artistic background. My greatest strenght is the ability to switch from beautifully designing a web site to painstakingly coding it. I have over eight years of experience creating websites for various clients such as corporate, e-commerce, education, advertising and more. I specialize in web standards using XHTML, CSS & Javascript, developing browser friendly websites, using the latest techniques.

At a very early age I took an interest in drawing. Throughout my school years art developed into my passion. After using a demo of Adobe Photoshop 4.0 I soon discovered the art of digital graphics, where I could express my art through a brand new media, the computer. This naturally led me to creating websites. While coding a website may seem different from art. The traits I have as an artist compliment those as a coder, such as organization and attention to detail. Now I have found a new passion within digital art, design, and websites.

Take a look at my work below along with a few side projects and my resume.

  • websites.banners symantec
    adobe photoshop adobe dreamweaver

    I designed banner and new landing pages for the Paid Search team at Symantec. My personal goal in this position was to increase sales for our products, develop brand awarenes and help other teams when they needed. An achievement that I am proud of are by landing page banners. These banners more clearly call out our offers, using different strategies, which allowed sales to grow by 85%. I also managed over 300 global landing pages, ensuring cross browser functionality, correct tracking and updating these pages whenever a new product launched.

  • mma steve
    adobe photoshop adobe after effects adobe dreamweaver sony vegas

    This was a campaign to promote a new weight loss product for men. The goal for the website was to resemble a personal blog and feel like an MMA website. I directed the photo shoot and video to capture the personality and true feeling of our MMA fighter. The website was designed to be aggressive enough to appeal to MMA fans, as well as clean and straight forward to please the general audience. The 2 minute video was made to connect with the audience much quicker and through social media networks.

  • website usa cash loans
    adobe photoshop adobe dreamweaver

    The goal for this website was to show that getting a loan can be a quick and easy process. This was accomplished by only using text that directly relates to what the audience needed, using check marks to display what is offered. Making the theme of the website "USA" helped connect with the target audience while showing a sense of safety and security.

  • website cash city
    adobe photoshop adobe dreamweaver

    This website was created to encompass all aspects of a loan. The goal was to have a website that was a hub for all information the audience needed regarding loans. This was accomplished by including multiple categories filled with content. The home page would be updated regularly in order to be a more content-rich website. Soft blues and greens along with stock photography of families invoked a relaxing and secure emotion.

  • icons.gui gigafin
    adobe photoshop adobe illustrator adobe dreamweaver

    A new GUI was needed by Gigafin for their hardware management console. This new design matches the new Gigafin style guides and website to create continuity while enforcing the quality of the Gigafin brand. The icons were created as 3D objects to better resemble the hardware and engage the user as if it was a physical object.

  • icons gigafin
    adobe photoshop adobe illustrator

    Gigafin needed an updated icon set to match the new Gigafin style. These icons were created as 3D objects and shared the same colors as each other to help strengthen the Gigafin brand. All previous diagrams were updated to use this icon set. The icons were used in internal documents, the website and promotional material.

  • financial perspectives
    adobe photoshop adobe illustrator adobe dreamweaver

    Financial Perspectives is a financial advisory firm that was looking for branding and a website. The logo resembles an abstract combination of "F" and "P". The brand colors and style encompasses professionalism along with a sense of safety and security.

  • website.logo mesa
    adobe photoshop adobe illustrator adobe dreamweaver

    For over four years I served as the in house graphic designer for the MESA program at Mission College. I wanted the website to stand out from the other school sites so I went with a darker, fresher feel. The logo resembles the building blocks that the MESA program can provide for the students. Overall the look and feel of the website and logo better matched the younger audience.

  • illustrator.photoshop illustrations
    adobe photoshop adobe illustrator

    1: An illustration for a book, using the title as a design guide, which also interprets the imagery being used. The typography represents an unclear story line with plot twists.
    2: This is a recreation of a business phone I found in a magazine, using only Photoshop.
    3: A digital painting create for a family member.
    4: Illustration representing some controversies surrounding the war.

  • pencil.pen.paper art

    Left: A drawing about the war.
    Right: Drawn about a girl struggling.

  • sincerely jay samson

    Thank You.